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A dental extraction in Miami is the last resort for most dentist and patients. When it is possible to save the tooth, that is an important step to take. But there are times, either because of trauma to the tooth or disease or at times overcrowding, that a tooth needs to be removed. In most cases the wisdom teeth are the teeth that cause overcrowding and wisdom teeth then need to be extracted. For a tooth that has suffered some sort of trauma and cannot be repaired, extraction may be an option. And finally, when a tooth suffers decay because of periodontal disease, it may be at the point where the tooth is unrestorable.

The professional Miami dentists are Pro Dental Centers will make sure that you are aware of all of your options and will make you feel comfortable in each step of the way during a tooth extraction. Before the dental extraction in Miami you will be given an anesthetic to make sure you do not feel discomfort during the tooth extraction procedure. When you are numb the extraction will take place. After the procedure you will be given a post extraction regimen to follow by the dentists at Pro Dental Centers. For any more questions you may have regarding teeth extractions please contact the best dental professionals in South Florida at Pro Dental Centers!

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