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What is a dental prophylaxis in Miami? Or in other words, what is a dental cleaning? A dental cleaning is an important part of a complete oral health regimen. Dental cleanings in Miami play an important role in preventing cavities, gum disease and tooth loss that can be caused by dental disease. By having regular dental cleanings, you can potentially prevent the need for tooth fillings or gum disease treatment.

It is recommended that you get dental cleanings every six months, at the minimum, with your dentists at Pro Dental Centers. During your dental prophylaxis, a hygienist will x-ray and check your teeth for any decay or plaque. Then as part of the dental cleaning the professionals at Pro Dental Centers will remove plaque, calculus and stains from the crowns, roots and enamel of your teeth. Dental cleanings are a preventative measure for avoiding periodontal disease which could have effects such as dental pain or tooth loss. By not removing plaque and other irritants from your teeth, you increase the risk these deposits building up and forming dental tartar. If left alone, dental tartar can develop into periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss.

Dental prophylaxis in Miami is essential for several reasons including dental health, cosmetic and dental education purposes. Dental cleanings help keep you informed about techniques you can do at home to keep your teeth clean, it removes stains from your teeth and is important to prevent major oral health issues. It is important to get regular teeth cleanings, and the experts at Pro Dental Centers will make sure you get the best dental cleaning in South Florida!

What Can I Expect from Dental Prophylaxis?

There are several steps involved in dental cleanings in Miami. Some steps you can expect from your teeth cleanings are:

  • X-Ray and Examinations:
    There may be times where tooth decay and warning signs of periodontal disease may not be visible just by looking at the teeth. When doing a dental cleaning, taking dental x-rays and doing an in-depth dental examination can be beneficial to spot cavities and other signs of periodontal disease.
  • Supragingival Cleaning:
    This part of the cleaning involved the dentist thoroughly cleaning the area of the tooth above the gum line. Professional dentists remove plaque and calculus with scaling tools and
  • Subgingival Cleaning:
    This is an important step for patients with gum disease because the professional dentists at Pro Dental Centers clean beneath the gum line.

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