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There are times that a porcelain crown may be required in order to strengthen or protect a tooth, or restore the tooth’s shape and improve its appearance. A trauma to the tooth, a cavity or missing tooth may lead to the need for a porcelain crown. A crown is the outer section of the tooth above the gum line. At times a person’s natural crown could have deteriorated or become weakened and at this point a porcelain crown may be necessary to strengthen and save the natural tooth.

Restorative Dental Bonding

A crown can be used to cover a tooth when it is misshapen or discolored. It is also used to cover dental implants and they are placed over the titanium post. Sometimes a crown can be useful in attaching bridges, protecting a weak tooth from breakage or restoring a tooth that may be broken. For more information about when a porcelain crown may be the best solution for your smile, give the professionals at Pro Dental Centers a call!

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